Astrological jewelry

Should we fall for astrological jewelry?


You are passionate about astrology and want to let people know about it. You love your zodiac sign and you want to show it off through your look. For several years, fashion has been interested in astrological signs and their symbolism. Proudly wear his astrological sign around the neck or wrist has never looked so fashionable as it is now. In addition to representing your zodiac sign, theastrological necklace is also a good way to assert yourself and stand out.


The ram

The Aries woman is characterized mainly by her passionate character. This activist does not hesitate to take up professions traditionally reserved for men. In terms ofjewelry, the Aries woman has a preference for costume and imposing jewelry. This great competitor hates mediocrity and passivity. So be sure to give her a good quality zodiac necklace.

colier astrologique belier
Aries astrological necklace by 9Avril



The bull

Not many people know this, but Taurus is arguably the most trusted star sign in the zodiac. Aspiring above all for a simple and quiet life, the bull likes to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Conservative and devoted, the bull has a tendency to flee the complications and agitations which can upset his daily life. However, the bull attaches particular importance to its material comfort. Giving an astro necklace to a bull therefore means choosing a unique, authentic and exceptional piece of jewelry capable of enhancing its wearer without attracting all the attention.

The Twins

Sympathetic and sociable, communicative and intelligent, the Gemini is generally characterized by his great curiosity. His openness to the world makes Gemini easily marvel at everything around him. While it is true that Gemini loves adventure and discovery, he only gets involved in achievable projects. When it comes to jewelry, Gemini is often drawn to simple, yet beautiful pieces. If you are considering gifting a Gemini zodiac necklace, feel free to look for some simple, yet effective designs.

The cancer

Intuitive and sentimental, those born in the sign of Cancer turn out to be very difficult to decipher. By nature, it is clear that cancer is tenacious, intelligent, organized, generous and very attached to its home. For cancer, the family plays a very important role and the natives of this sign dedicate themselves enormously to the members of their tribe. While it is true that those born in the sign of Cancer are generally very independent, they are also very emotionally dependent. This sensitive and very emotional side makes the natives of this sign attracted to simple, but noble jewels. In order not to make a mistake in your selection, choose one astro necklace boilerplate, but unique.


The lion symbolizes power and royalty. The natives of this sign love to be admired and they also need to be the center of attention. Domineering, proud and determined, the lion likes to show off. He loves life and its pleasures, but he is also very generous. For the natives of the sign of the lion, sharing is very important. While it is true that the lion is strong-willed, disciplined and does not spare his efforts, he is however used to being obeyed. The natives of this sign can therefore be authoritarian, even despotic, with those around them. Given his personality, it stands to reason that the lion likes to be the center of gravity of everything. Give him a unique zodiac necklace that will help draw the public's attention to him and he will be delighted.

The Virgin

In the zodiac, Virgo is a logical mind. Perfectionists, hardworking, critical, and helpful, the natives of this sign are however anxious people by nature. Indeed, the natives of the virgin are generally shy people who protect themselves from all forms of invasions and who are in search of preservation and security. Intelligent and helpful, the natives of this sign easily manage to make themselves indispensable. However, natives of the sign of Virgo often lack self-confidence. This is playing tricks on them, relegating them to the background behind those with more nerve than them. Agate, jasper and tourmaline are stones that would go perfectly with an astro necklace intended for natives of the sign of the virgin.

The balance

Libra is a special sign because it represents balance and peace, justice and harmony. It is a sign that has grace, elegance and represents sociability. The natives of the sign of Libra are known for their indecision. Deciding is difficult for them, as it forces them to put one aspect aside and privilege another. Affectionate and pacifists, the natives of the sign of Libra do not like conflict. They prefer collaboration and generally go out of their way to create an atmosphere of sharing and trust. When it comes to jewelry, the natives of the sign of Libra have an affinity with stones like blue sapphire and opal. Remember this if you are considering giving a star sign necklace to a loved one.

The Scorpion

In the zodiac, the scorpio is a special sign because it represents death, the end of things and transformations. The scorpio is a whole and loyal being, he places his trust without restriction and he places a great place in relationships. However, beware of his anger, because the scorpion is avenging. He hates betrayal and his violent side sometimes takes him to the extreme. Sidejewelry, the garnet corresponds very well to the natives of the sign of the scorpion.


Enemy of routine, Sagittarius will not hesitate to engage in several activities that they will rarely finish. While it is true that the natives of this sign find it difficult to keep their commitments, Sagittarians are nonetheless, warm, generous, cheerful and very expansive. A moralizer, however, Sagittarius hates poking their noses into their own contradictions. If you plan to give a piece of jewelry to a native of the sign of Sagittarius, choose jewelry made of stones such as:
  •  Sapphire;
  •  Turquoise;
  •  Lapis lazuli.


By nature, the Capricorn is a serious, reasonable, thoughtful and responsible being. Very concerned with duty, the natives of the sign of Sagittarius are diligent and very hardworking. For them, entertainment is unnecessary and irrelevant. Reliable and honest, Sagittarius is however sensitive and very introverted. Despite his apparent coldness, the natives of the sign of Sagittarius are tender and kind people. However, they have so little to be betrayed that they prefer to hide their feelings under heavy armor. Onyx and gay are stones that fit this sign very well. Don't forget it when you want to give a Sagittarius an astro necklace.


A sign of intelligence, Aquarius thinks big. The natives of this sign are dreamers who want above all to change the world thanks to their somewhat utopian ideas. Aquarius needs to be useful. To do this, he does not hesitate to focus his energy on carrying out various projects. His thoughtful side makes Aquarius someone who is wary of passion. Sapphire and aquamarine are stones that perfectly match this zodiac sign.


Double, changing and paradoxical, the native of the sign of Pisces is a being quite difficult to pinpoint and define. The natives of this sign are generally intuitive beings who are often followed by luck. Fish are gentle and compassionate and their sensitivity naturally leads them to those in greatest need. Amethyst is the stone that best characterizes this very paradoxical sign. Do not hesitate to choose this stone to please the natives of the sign of Pisces.

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