The bangle bracelet:this year's trend!

Having one or more bangles around the wrist means having bracelets that keep their promises. Discreet but elegant, this is the bracelet that all women must have in their jewelry box! If this is not the case, you will change your mind when you know more about this timeless jewel!

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First of all, you should know that there are two types ofbangle bracelet.

First there is thebangle bracelet unclosed is also a circular or oval model, can be very thin or more or less wide, have several intertwined bracelets or be twisted. This type of bangle bracelet is much more fashionable, more modern and therefore more trendy, but it remains a matter of taste!


The second type is an unclosed bracelet which usually has a ball at each end. This bracelet has a story. In ancient tradition, it was made to be worn by slaves. This is why it still bears the name slave bracelet in some jewelry stores and symbolizes emancipation and freedom. It looks more like a bracelet because it is flattened in the middle.

The benefits ofbangle bracelet

The first advantage ofbangle bracelet is that it is necessarily magnificent. Simply. It is a fashion jewel that gives off something on its own. It will sublimate your wrist, your outfit, your style, whatever model you choose.

The bangle bracelet goes with everything. You like casual, fashionable outfits No worries, it will adapt and be the little extra to your outfit. Whether you are in a suit, strapless dress or jeans, the bangle bracelet will follow you everywhere. With this type of jewelry, you are sure not to make any faux pas in terms of taste..

The different models

The bangle bracelet is available in different models. There is something for all tastes and desires. And icing on the cake, there is a model for men! If you are looking for an elegant, feminine, classy and trendy model, you will be seduced by bangle bracelets. It is to be worn for all occasions.

Many other models are just as trendy. The silver knot bangle bracelet, the very fashionable XXL bangle bracelet, the bangle bracelet with stones set for a chic evening are all more sublime models than the others!

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