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Choker necklace: 3 tips for choosing the right choker


Every day, many women choose to embellish their necks with a choker necklace before going to work, to the supermarket, to a night out with friends, to the university, to the museum and to the airport. To sport a truly perfect style and a pleasant look this season, the secret lies only in the choice of the necklace in question.

The jewelcrew neck is definitely the ideal gift if you want to please because it can be worn everyday very easily and will be the ideal base for othersnecklaces.

Here are some tips from 9avril in Paris for choosing the right crew necklaces according to your body type, your clothes and your style. Nevertheless, before all this, allow us to fly over at lightning speed the history of the choker necklace.

Thesunshine necklace by April 9, Paris


Discover the little history of the choker necklace

From its small name choker (scarf in English), the choker necklace has its roots in the cosmos since ancient Persia. Its popularity has grown especiallyt In the 90s, an era during which women's fashion experienced an extraordinary boom. At the time, it was known as a torque and it symbolized nobility and luxury. During the Francoise revolution, it served to distinguish between single women and those who renounced the sexual activities of brides and those who liked to indulge in sex. It is for this noble reason that some women nicknamed it the I do not fuck yet or I do not fuck more necklace. It eventually passed through the ages until this era and is present on almost every catwalk of women's fashion shows ( (Fashion Week, Chloé, Versace and Dior), every month, and throughout the year. Women love it today and wear it everywhere. Several it-girls including Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens have even worn it many times. To choose it well, follow these tips:

  TheRèves necklace by April 9, Paris


Wear your choker according to your neck silhouette

The choker necklace is a range of jewelry that can be worn on the throat, everywhere, with all types of clothing, and this as well during the day as in the evening. You can wear it on clothes with round collars, on bustiers, on outfits with V-necks, on low-cut outfits, and even with a tube top with the "Bardot" neckline to alleviate the confining effect. . If you also have Bardot tops, the choker will go perfectly with it. It is the best ally to favor among the bohemian jewelry if you are a fan of the minimalist style. However, before choosing it, you must pay particular attention to your body type. This will allow you to make the most ideal choice possible. Indeed, your choker should reflect the mirror of your figure. If you are a slender woman with a long neck or a slim fashionista, then choose a slim choker model, and simply avoid the towering stone necklaces which may appear thicker than you. This will help you break your neck length a bit. Curvy women can turn to wide chokers. This will draw the attention of those around you to other parts of your body than to your form. On the other hand, if you have a short neck, avoid bulky chokers, opt for a thin or light collar whose color best matches the tone of your skin.

Stacking, an accumulation of collarsApril 9, Paris


Follow the trend when choosing your choker necklace

Far from constituting an innocent jewel, the choker necklace is a daring and sensual fashion accessory that can on its own transform the whole style of an outfit. We also never tire of its refined side and it will always sublimate your cleavage by bringing the last touch, the little detail that will make all the difference You can put it on to create an optical effect that best fits with Your figure. Today, choker necklaces come in chain, satin, gold, silver, velvet, ribbon and pearls. There really is something for all tastes, for all budgets and for all personalities. To follow the prevailing trend this year, 9avril Paris advises you to opt for choker necklaces in shells or in association with fine chains. You can also adopt the accumulation trend ofbohemian jewelry by threading two to three choker necklaces together to be up to date. If you plan to wear it in combination with other jewelry, then choose fine or sleek jewelry designs and accessorize it with a long necklace. You will thus attract the eyes of your interlocutors on your choker necklace. Have you finally fallen for choker jewelry Do you want to buy some at attractive prices just to complete your jewelry box If so, then go to the 9avril Paris site. You will find a multitude of models (trend, sale, etc.) at low prices.x.









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