The earring

The earring, the essential jewel that anyfashionista must have in his closet!

More and more popular on the parades, the summer season will undoubtedly be that of the earring, this must be noticed and be original, from the mismatched buckle for a rock'n'roll side, to themini Hoop Earrings through theDrop Earrings, you will no longer know where to head as the choice is endless and varied.


Themini hoops by 9avril, Paris


Theearring knows how to highlight your face and your haircut, it can also bring radiance to the face and will sublimate your look.

This year the earring wants to berebel androck ormaxi to surprise and get noticed.


Bowie curls by 9avril, Paris

Fashionable since antiquity the oldest earrings known to date are believed to be around 7,500 - 8,000 years old. It was in Mongolia that they were discovered. It is known that the soldiers of the Persian Empire wore earrings, just like the women of the time of the pharaohs or the Greeks of ancient times. Getting your earlobes pierced is, without a doubt, the oldest known body modification. It is also widespread throughout the world.

In fact, in the Middle Ages, only aristocratic women wore earrings. It was then frowned upon to have his ears pierced. It’s only from the 18the century that these jewels really became fashionable. In the decades that followed, the styles of curls diversified, making them ever more popular. Little girls get their ears pierced younger and younger. Styles ofearrings follow fashion and are always more numerous, just like the materials used. Precious or fancy, discreet or exuberant, earrings are now part of the jewelry that we wear every day, whatever the occasion.

Hamlet curls by 9Avril Paris

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