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What are the different types of foot jewelry?

There are two main types of foot jewelry.

ankle bracelets


bracelet de chevillesAnkle bracelet by 9Avril


Some call themanklets, while others prefer the name ofanklets. Theanklets appeared on the fashion scene in the 70s as an integral part of thebohemian fashion, but jewelry designers have given this accessory from bygone days a fresh and sophisticated update.

There areanklets in gold, silver and precious stones, but more humble materials like leather, nylon, plastic, pearls and shells also make these accessories very trendy. Anklets are just some of the trendy accessories seen on fashion shows and street style stages.


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Aankle bracelet may just be a fashionable piece of jewelry in the West, but it has a special meaning in some cultures. In ancient Egypt, theanklets were worn to indicate a person's wealth and social status, and some of them even served as amulets or good luck charms. In India, anklets are popularly known as "payal" and have social and spiritual significance. In African culture, it is tradition for young women to wear brass anklets until the birth of their first child.

Toe rings


Jeweled flower toe rings were a big trend in the 90s, but this toe jewelry is making a comeback. When it comes to the structure of toe rings, there are two types: those that are fitted like a conventional ring and those that are adjustable to fit the toe. Fitted toe rings may seem a bit uncomfortable, but they are more practical than adjustable toe rings which can snag and break over time.

In India, the tradition is for a bride to wear toe rings on the second toe of both feet, to signify her marital status, much like a wedding ring. In Western countries, toe rings are simply a fashion accessory that makes a bold statement. When it comes to fashion, everything old is new, so don't be afraid to wear your toe rings with your modern wardrobe.


How to Wear Different Types of Foot Jewelry?

Choose the models and styles of your foot jewelry
Do you know that your foot jewelry can reveal a lot about you - your personality and your sense of style. That's why it's important to think about what you wear, in order to project an image that looks like you. Do you like accessories that go with everything? Do you like to change your look as often as you want? Your jewelry choices say a lot about your personality.té.

If you never settle for second best and classic elegance perfectly describes your style, then gold, silver or brass foot jewelry is best for you. You can also think of anklets and toe rings with delicate details like pearls, crystals and gemstones. By matching your foot jewelry to your earrings, necklace, and watch, you'll achieve a cohesive and stylish overall look.

If you have a carefree attitude and are a big fan of bohemian fashion, leather anklets and woven toe rings are perfect for you. You can also think of tassel and fringe details, as well as seashell embellishments that will show your love for nature. You can always opt for silver jewelry, but bohemians tend to gravitate towards earthy tones – maroon, orange-red, dark green, etc.

If you love all things feminine, you have a romantic fashion personality. Anklets with gemstone charms and extravagant toe rings with crystals will suit your style perfectly. Do you know floral accents and cute charms on your foot jewelry will show off your social and bubbly personality?

Women with hip personalities stay on top of trends, especially when it comes to accessories – think layering necklaces, stacking rings and dressing up your arms. To channel your love of fashion, opt for foot jewelry with hip, quirky, even edgy details. Have you thought about replicating runway-inspired looks in real life? You can create this look with your anklets and toe rings..

Keep in mind the season and the occasion

Anklets are more versatile than toe rings, as the latter requires an appropriate choice of footwear. Most types of foot jewelry are great during the summer months, as anklets, toe rings, and barefoot sandals go well with your summer dresses. While beaded anklets are best worn in the summer, chain anklets with intricate details and toe rings are versatile and can be worn all year round.

If you work in a conservative workplace, it's best to save your foot jewelry for the weekends. Toe rings and anklets look too informal for a professional setting, but they can be lovely for parties and dinner parties. Music festivals, beach weddings and pool parties are the best times to show off your barefoot sandals.

Back then, wearing jewelry on the beach was considered a faux pas, but not anymore. Celebrities, fashion icons and models flaunt their foot jewelry while soaking up the sun. Foot jewelry is the perfect accessory for your swimsuit. However, sand, salt water and scorching sun can ruin your prized possession, so best to save those gold anklets and diamond toe rings for more refined occasions.

Silver foot jewelry, with shells and pearls, will complete your seaside look. Fashion-forward anklets and extravagant toe rings are perfect for fashion weeks and special occasions.

Matching foot jewelry to your outfit

If you're not a big fan of bohemian fashion, don't worry. Anklets and toe rings aren't strictly bohemian anymore, and you can even wear them with upscale ensembles like a faux fur coat, classic pumps, or little black dresses. While anklets can be worn with classic pumps and wedge heels, toe rings should be worn with open sandals so they can be seen.

90s fashion is having a resurgence, so why not experiment on your look If you want to play with 90s trends, you can add a few retro pieces into your outfit, as well as some foot jewelry – but keep it with moderation..

To avoid having a retro look from head to toe, opt for structured and modern sets that will be juxtaposed with your toe jewelry. This way, you can add a touch of nostalgia to your look without looking dated. Also consider chains and beaded anklets which are more versatile and timeless.

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