How To Buy An Ankle Chain?



Theankle bracelet has become one of the hottest accessories this season. Elegant or playful, simple or complex, theankle bracelet has a unique charm and adds a creative vibe to any outfit. But before you buy an ankle bracelet, there are a few things you should know about this piece of jewelry. Read on to find out how to buy different types of chains and discover the anklet that matches your personal style.



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What is an ankle bracelet?

As the name suggests, an ankle bracelet (or anklet) is a type of bracelet that you wear around your ankles. It looks stunning with flat sandals, pumps, and even sneakers. As more and more women have started to embrace this trend, you can find many styles of ankle chains. From simple anklets with thin chains to charm anklets, toseashell anklets, with geometric shapes or even precious stones, there is a whole universe waiting for you to discover it.

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And while the ankle bracelet has been on the rise for a few years now, the tradition of wearing ankle bracelets goes back a long way. The oldest anklets in the world belong to the Mesopotamian civilization 4,500 years ago. In ancient Egypt, women wore ankle bracelets to indicate their social status. The gold anklet indicated high social status, while silver and iron indicated that the wearer belonged to a lower class.

To this day, Indian women wear anklets as part of their wedding tradition. On top of that, a married woman wears an ankle bracelet with jingling charms so men know when she's about to walk into the room and stop indecent talk. In rural India, women wear stiff ankle bracelets to symbolize endurance and courage.

Finally, in South Asia, women wore ankle bracelets on both feet joined by a chain. The purpose of this practice was to learn the small stumbling step which was considered a female walk.

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What to watch out for when buying an ankle bracelet?

Buying an ankle bracelet can be more difficult than it looks. There are several things you need to consider, such as style, metal, and size. Read on to find out how to buy the perfect ankle bracelet for you.



The style

The style of the ankle bracelet is important in deciding what type of shoes to wear. If you plan to wear your ankle bracelet with sneakers and a crop top, choose a style with playful charms or even beads. However, if you want to wear it with pumps and an elegant dress, choose a more subtle version for an anklet. We recommend that you buy yourself at least two or three ankle bracelets of different styles so that you can wear them with all your flats, sandals, pumps and sneakers. When you have more than one anklet, you can also play around with the layers to create a statement look.


When it comes to metal, most women prefer gold anklets, but that doesn't mean you should. Yes, a gold anklet looks very pretty and looks gorgeous with a tan. But a silver anklet is also nice and allows you to wear it with colors that don't work well with gold, like orange or yellow. Remember that an anklet is a piece of jewelry and a stainless steel bracelet can be stylish, a stainless steel ankle bracelet will look just plain weird. Stick to gold and silver for your anklets, please.


Finally, the size of the ankle bracelet is very important. We recommend that you wear your ankle strap below the ankle with sandals or flip flops or above with sneakers and pumps. The best way to get the right size for your loose ankle strap is to measure your ankle and add between 1 and 2cm to that size.

If you are unsure of the size or want to get an ankle bracelet that works below as well as above the ankle, get a smaller size and a necklace extender as well. Using a necklace extender to wear your ankle bracelet in multiple ways is a great idea.

How to wear an ankle bracelet

Now that you know how to get the perfect ankle bracelet for you, you need to be careful about how to wear it. As we said before, you can wear your ankle bracelet with sneakers, flats and sandals as well as high heel sandals and pumps. While there are many ways to wear your ankle bracelet, you should keep in mind that you should avoid strappy shoes and sandals. You don't want the straps to conflict with the ankle strap do you  Wear your ankle bracelet anytime, anywhere. Get creative and stack them up if you fancy a statement look.Anklets are fabulous so now is the time to pick up a few and give this amazing trend a try.

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