How to choose earrings ?

Different types of earrings

Rings : Ring loops include both circular and semi-circular rings. We find in particular thehoops very fashionable, but also hanging rings presented on a pushchair type clasp. These curls are very fashionable among women

Saint Barth hoops by 9Avril Paris

Chip loops : This is the most common form of curl. These buckles are characterized by their clasp. It is a small rod that attaches behind the earlobe. This system allows you to secure your earrings on your ears and not to lose them

boucle d oreille a puce

Galway earring by 9Avril Paris

Sleeper loops : These are characterized by a hook clasp secured by an additional fastener. You will not be able to lose them! This clasp system makes it possible to offerearrings unique and of any size, both long and short.

boucle d oreille dormeuse

Moon Mini sleeper by 9Avril Paris

Clip-on earrings

The clip earring is back in force after several long years stored in the box of obsolete objects (and a little painful too, in real life).

boucle d oreille a clip

Maldive earrings by 9Avril Paris

For a harmonious result, it is better to wear earrings adapted to the shape of your face.

This effect of contrast creates a certain harmony and softens the dominant forms of the face instead of exaggerating them. Each face shape has its own jewelry shape! For example, dangling earrings will look pretty good on round faces. Conversely, long models are not recommended for those with a long neck, the rod effect will be broken by pretty beads or shapes around the lobe. With a short neck for example, it is better to leave it naked to lengthen it and wear earrings to illuminate the face.

The longer the jewel, the more length it gives to the face, so be careful not to overemphasize an oval face!

Choose your earrings according to your outfit

Likewise, choose your earrings according to your outfit. Discreet earrings are recommended if the necklace is large. I also like to mismatch jewelry instead of wearing several matching pieces for a more modern and less classic look.

Regarding the hairstyle, the best is to ensure that the earrings are clearly visible. For example with a bun at a formal party, play the pendant card. If you have short hair you can wear small bead type earrings quite easily.

Also think about the style you want to have. Thin earrings can be very elegant at the same time depending on the model chosen. Consider pairing these jewels with the appropriate outfit and hairstyle and according to your body type.

Choosing a piece of jewelry and especially a pair of earrings is not that simple. The aesthetic crush is not always the solution because between morphology, complexion, cut and hair color, our choice is complicated ... However, offering the perfect earrings is not impossible, you just need to know some fashion tips.

Beyond the aesthetic side of the jewel, it will be necessary to take into account several aspects of the person to whom the gift is due, it is enough at first to rely on the morphology of the face and the haircut to determine the shape of the curls. earrings to offer, while taking into account the color of the hair if the latter contains precious or semi-precious stones.

Earrings: morphology, cut and hair color

Each person has their own harmony, the principle of morphology applies in many areas, whether for clothes, such as dresses, or for shoes and even in makeup, for example, to choose their mascara. The choice of jewelry is also made according to our morphology in order to promote our strengths, to blur our faults, to harmonize our beauty in a simple and natural way.

The shape of the jewelry like that of the curls can harden our features or even enlarge them, the same goes for the haircut (which is not chosen just any old way) which will influence the final choice of the model of curls. ears.

Choose according to your haircut:

For short hair

If you have short hair, we advise you to choose hanging curls, especially if you have a long neck, so it will be highlighted. You can also opt for sleepers or largehoops. Have fun with volumes, shapes and colors. The same goes for tied hair, especially when it is pulled back. And why not accumulate several chips or rings on a row of the ear for a rock look!

For medium and long hair

If you want your earrings to be visible despite your long hair, you will have to turn to a model that stands out! Go for graphic, colorful and very voluminous curls. If you prefer small fleas or sleepers, consider folding one side of your hair using an invisible barrette, for example. If you have a bob, avoid styles that extend too much the length of your hair as this will throw off the balance.

With bangs

With bangs, we advise you to choose round curls that will soften your face. Avoid all models with rectangular or triangular shape that may make you look too strict.

With the hair tied

Bun, braid, ponytail, if you are used to tie up your mane, same advice as for short hair. You can afford everything, chips, nails, sleepers, hoops It all depends on your desires!!

Choose the shape according to the morphology

A round or rectangular face cannot wear the same pair, the basis for choosing the shape of an earring is simple: you do not wear a loop having the same shape as your face!

Indeed, a round face will need to be visually lengthened, so we will forget all the short and voluminous models which will add mass instead of bringing a refined rendering, this type of face will therefore have to opt for thin and long curls. A rectangular or square face will look for rounded curls or cascades of beads to support the contrast, a long face will on the contrary try to be discreet to blur the length, we will favor small models of earrings.
As with the X morphology for clothes, a face shape can afford everything in the choice of the shape, the oval face is basically considered balanced, no matter the shape and size of the curls, everything will be fine. And lack of bowl, it is the same for the haircut, as long as the latter are long you can opt for all styles.
For women with short, boyish-cut hair, sleeper or hoop type references, wide and tall models will be perfect. The cuts pulling on the mid-length detached are highlighted thanks to smaller models such as chips or beads, on the other hand the hair is tied up do not hesitate to go back to XXL curls, colored or extravagant.

After determining the shape for these gift earrings, you must choose the color including that of the raw material!

Gold Silver earrings with or without stones ?

How to choose between gold or silver For this, the color of the complexion will allow you to choose, a light or rosy complexion with light eyes as well as light or black hair will wear silver or so white gold similar to a point visual sight. More medium or dark complexions, brunettes with dark eyes and even redheads will see their complexions sublimated by the warmth of gold, its golden nuances illuminate this type of complexion.

With or without precious or semi-precious stones?

The fastest is certainly to choose without, there are many beautiful models without the slightest gemstone, of course if you prefer with here are some combinations of stone colors:

Blond hair = anything goes!

Red hair = we prefer warm tones like ruby or garnet but the opposite shades will also be sublime like emerald green,

Brown hair = light colors like diamonds for example or even aquamarine

Black hair = we opt for bright colors such as topaz, ruby, citrine, we dare the color to contrast as much as possible.

With these different morpho colo jewelry tips, you will find the ideal pair to offer at Christmas or for any other occasion, of course you can always go there on your own or offer a gift card;)

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