the ankle bracelet , the perfect summer jewelry

Ankle bracelets

The ankle bracelet is a very trendy accessory that enhances the footIt brings a touch of lightness to overly formal outfits and allows you to create and wear a casual look in summer.From the simple golden chain to the charm bracelet, it comes in different designs and is made from various materials.

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What does an ankle bracelet mean?

Today wear   an ankle chain   is a fashion trend like any otherHowever, when we go back in history, this has not always been the caseAlthough the   ankle   was generally used as a beauty accessory, it was also intended for other purposes and had a particular meaning from one civilization to another.

In ancient Egypt, for example, women wore anklets to indicate their social status or rankWe could thus distinguish the wives or daughters of wealthy who put   gold bracelets   adorned with precious stones from lower class women who wore iron or copper bracelets.

In Indian culture, the wearing of   ankle bracelet   also goes back a very long timeCommonly used as wedding jewelry , it was also worn by married womenFurthermore, it should be noted that in certain African or Asian cultures, this jewel was a sign of belonging to a tribe or a community.

However, the   ankle chain   was also associated with the image of"easy girl"in ancient EgyptOn the other hand, it has long been asserted that the choice of ankle for a chain was indicative of the sexuality of the wearer.

It is good to know that in the West, today more than ever, ankle chains are considered as simple fashion accessoriesYou can wear it as you want without it concealing any hidden meaningWe just adopt it to make ourselves beautiful or beautiful and not because it means anything.

How to wear an ankle chain?

The   ankle chains   can be worn at any time of the year and for any occasionWhether for an evening, a birthday party, an outing or for work, they can follow everywhereBut generally speaking, it is in summer that most women take out their   ankle bracelet   for the beach and sunbathingObviously, this is the period when the legs are out and there is nothing better than these jewels to sublimate them.

The ankle chain adapts ideally to short outfits like a mini-skirt, a pair of three-quarter jeans, a faucet, shorts ... But you can also wear it over leggings, a long dress and many othersRegarding shoes, the ideal is to always wear it on bare feet, flip flops, ballet flats, pairs of sneakers or on pumps.

The   ankle   can be worn alone, two or more on the right foot or on the left foot and why not on both at the same timeIt all depends on everyone's tastes and preferences.

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What ankle jewelry to choose?

The   ankle bracelet   comes in various styles and is made from different materialsThe choice will be mainly based on the preferences of eachIn gold or silver, leather or nylon, fine or coarse, plastic, with pearls or shells, pendants or charms, these   bohemian jewelry   adapt to all tastesZoom on the most popular models.

The ankle chain

These are the classic models which come in the form of a single chain or two superimposed chainsFrom simple to sophisticated, they are available in a multitude of varieties and can benefit from a touch of precious stones, shells, charm ...

They are perfect for enhancing the curve of the foot and discreetly highlighting the anklesThey can be gold or silver or made from a metalAnyway, they are very classy and can suit any kind of style and occasion.

The   ankle chain   is perfect on beach sandals to stay in the classic or on a pair of sneakers or ballerinas for a casual lookIt also fits very well on a pretty pair of pumps for a special occasion or to add a glamorous touch to your evening look.

Barefoot ankle bracelets

A   ankle bracelet   barefoot mimics the appearance of a sandal without solesIt starts from the ankle, extends over the foot and ends with a toe ringIt perfectly complements festival or beach outfitsIt is ideal for those who like exotic styles of oriental or indian influenceThis type of chain with toe ring is worn with bare feet and flip flopsIt would therefore not be wise to put them on a sneaker or any other closed shoe.

Pearl anklets

The   ankle bracelet   in pearls is ideal for accentuating a bohemian or ethnic lookAgain, this type of jewelry is perfect for going to the beachWith a pair of flip flops, short shorts, we're ready for a day, foot in the sandBut it is also possible to use these   bohemian jewelry   for other occasions and associate them with different looks.

Ankle chains with charms

These models are now very popularThey allow everyone to express their personality and give free rein to their imaginationWhether you fall for an animal, a heart, a star or even prefer your initials, the choice is at the limit of everyone's tastes.  

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