Mother-of-pearl jewelry

To enhance the luster of her beauty or highlight her outfit, jewelry is essential accessories. For both women and men, they remain essential for various occasions and for all types of clothing. You too, do not hesitate to get it now. To find a piece of jewelry that defines you and makes you unique, we offer mother-of-pearl jewelry. Inez 9avril, Paris, you will have the choice between bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. To make it easier for you to decide, here we present the details of these beauty items to you..



Mother of pearl, the heart of jewelry

Characterized by an iridescent reflection and good resistance, mother-of-pearl represents an original envelope that surrounds the jewels and gives them a unique appearance. It is usually found at the bottom of shells or mollusks. In other words, it is an organic substance with a peculiar formation process. If mother-of-pearl jewelry adds value to an outfit, then it is largely because of its nature. In fact, to obtain mother-of-pearl, you have to wait patiently for a foreign element to penetrate the shell of a mollusk. Then, it secretes layers of mother-of-pearl which covers it entirely. Over time, pearls are formed and perfected. By purchasing a mother-of-pearl ring, for example, it is the mother-of-pearl that makes all the difference and sets the ring apart from ordinary models.aires.

Due to its origin, mother-of-pearl remains a precious material and highly appreciated by many jewelers. So if you are looking for original jewelry to showcase yourself and stand out among the rest, this is the ideal choice. Today you will find bohemian jewelry with mother of pearl that will not fail to seduce you. In the 9avril Paris online store , you will be amazed by the different collections made up of mother-of-pearl pendant, mother-of-pearl ring, mother-of-pearl bracelet or even mother-of-pearl buckles.e.


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Mother of pearl ring by 9Avril Paris


How to choose your mother-of-pearl jewelry?

Mother of pearl is a bio-composite mineral material that includes microcrystals of daragonite, calcium carbonate and water. When buying a mother-of-pearl pendant or any other jewel with this material, you will be above all surprised by its diridescence effect and its pretty reflections. In addition, the latter vary depending on the angle of view, which makes its observation even more magical. But don't just contemplate the mother-of-pearl jewelry. In the April 9 jewelry online 9avril , you have a choice of different types of mother of pearl jewelry.cre.

At first, it is the colored effects of the stone in full daylight that make mother-of-pearl unique. Then, the variety of mother-of-pearl jewelry gives you multiple possibilities to adapt them to your outfits. To choose, you must therefore take into account the following criteria:

  • Types of jewelry: earrings, ring, pendant, bracelet, necklace, hairpin, etc. ;;
  • Colors: even if the mother-of-pearl has reflections of several colors, mother-of-pearl jewelry has some shades of white, blue, pink, red, yellow, etc. ; ;
  • The quality of the mother-of-pearl: the thinner the layer of the mother-of-pearl, the more unique the quality of color decomposition;
  • Your taste: choose a model that makes you unique and reveals all your personality.


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Mother of pearl necklace by 9Avril Paris



Why choose mother of pearl jewelry?

In front of a mother-of-pearl jewel, it is almost impossible to resist its brilliance and all its beauty. As a first asset, its material remains the basis of its originality. Then, the variety of mother of pearl jewelry is a great advantage for those looking for a unique mother of pearl ring or pendant. If you are looking for reasons to choose mother of pearl jewelry, you will not be disappointed. You should already know that they stand out for their ability to suit all skin types and body types. So, regardless of your skin color and sensitivity, you are sure to find what suits you and enhances your radiance. Likewise, to enhance you, the refined and chic side of mother-of-pearl will suit you. This material is also characterized by its soft, timeless and feminine appearance..

In addition to all these advantages, here are some other reasons to choose mother-of-pearl jewelry now: :

  • The longevity of mother-of-pearl jewelry: this precious material has been used for many years now and its value has not declined; ;
  • The manufactured side of mother-of-pearl: mother-of-pearl is worked by hand, cut, polished and produced with meticulous care;
  • The variety of models: artisans and jewelers now offer models suited to all tastes;;
  • Shades of colors: mother-of-pearl jewelry remains available with neutral colors or bright colors depending on needs;
  • The weight of mother of pearl: Mother of pearl jewelry is distinguished by its very light weight, which allows you to wear it for as long as you want without feeling any discomfort.

How to wear your mother-of-pearl jewelry properly?

By nature, mother-of-pearl is a soft, tender and feminine material. In terms of feeling, it evokes maternal love and especially tenderness. On an outfit, mother of pearl jewelry can easily soften the character and bring freshness to any clothing. As a special feature, they also allow the solar plexus chakra to be opened. But to take advantage of all these virtues of mother-of-pearl, you must know how to wear your jewelry well. Whether it's a mother-of-pearl ring or a mother-of-pearl pendant, the way you put it will have a different effect.nt.

In general, mother of pearl jewelry remains compatible with all colors, which allows you to wear it over various types of clothing. However, you must take into account some peculiarities. For casual outfits, for example, you can choose a long necklace. Likewise, if you are blonde, brunette or redhead, opt for mother-of-pearl earrings in multiple colors to bring luminosity to your eyes..

As for the seasons, know that mother of pearl jewelry is timeless. As a result, you can wear your mother-of-pearl ring in summer as in winter: it will always be in fashion. For more originality, don't hesitate to mix things up either. Try, for example, a pearly long necklace with an ocher ring or bracelets with shades of color. You will be amazed at the

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