L'summer is a good time for drinks,beaches, festivals and fun, but you need to look stylish while beating the heat. Here are some festival jewelry trends to know about this summer.

Music festival jewelry has become important to fashionistas. Many fashion lovers find in music festivals like the one inCoachella WhereCalvi on the rocks ideal destinations for their summer. Attendance has grown tremendously over the years.

Festival jewelry trends change with the seasons. There's so much to see this summer, especially since most fashion lovers are embracing DIY.

From hair accessories to chokers, toearingss and armbands, there is plenty to choose from. It's no longer the metal that matters, but how you play with it. It's about texture, asymmetry, color and more!

Diamonds are no longer seen as a woman's only best friend. Jewelry DIY has become an important part of the fashion lover's world. It's about creating favorite pieces from every occasion.

Knowing the festival jewelry trends this summer can bring all the difference you need to your outfit. Here are our best solutions:


Hairstyles have evolved over the years. Adding jewelry in hair accessories will enhance your look this summer. For hair jewelry trends, DIY creations have created endless possibilities. For example, hairpins can be used as hair jewelry.




Summer festival jewelry is made to be bold and beautiful. Choosing to wear big jewelry can give your outfit a boost. Thenecklaces layered offer the freedom to wear more than one necklace. For example, female models have recently been seen wearing layered necklaces and are therefore considered fashionable. It is advisable to combine necklaces of different patterns. Also feel free to combine different necklaces in terms of textures, colors, shapes and styles.




Thehoops have always been in fashion. However, for a more trendy summer jewellery, large hoops have been favored. In previous years, we preferred light and dull hoops. For example, in the 80s, large, rather colorful hoops were used. The 90s saw less sparkle using fine silver or gold. To be fashionable this summer, the creoles will allow you to stand out. Hoops have always been a way to give an outfit that finishing touch. Unlike the business world, hoop earrings for music festivals are allowed to be sassy while catching everyone's attention.




Just like a set of necklaces, a set of rings will bring your outfit to life. Rings can be worn on one finger or spread evenly over your hands. Different styles of rings can serve as music festival jewelry. For example, massive stone rings have become trendy summer jewelry for festivals.

A set of rings is trendy, affordable and accessible summer festival jewelry. The resulting possibilities of combination and association make it an excellent accessory. By following geometric themes or taking inspiration from nature, you will get a beautiful adornment of accessories.




Pearls have long been identified with ancient traditions and fashion trends. In recent times, many young fashion lovers have associated them with previous generations, like our mothers and grandmothers. Pearls are therefore considered a classic fashion trend, more conservative and relaxed. Recent party jewelry trends have introduced sleeker yet more modern bead shapes for the younger generation.

Contemporary pearls are versatile. They can be worn to complete a casual, professional or funky look. For example, you can change from your music festival outfit to yourblack dress for work or your pretty cocktail dress without having to change much.




Earrings play such an important role in taking an outfit from zero to a hundred! The ear should not be overgrown. You can play with different metals, metal colors, asymmetries and textures to achieve the perfect look.

Crystal or diamond earrings are considered timeless pieces. Fashion lovers think they will never go out of fashion. Guess if it's your first time, now you know what to buy. In fact, you can mix up the shapes for a bolder look.




Summer jewelry trends have become hotter and everyone is accommodating. It is no longer about vacations but rather jewelry for music festivals. Jewelry designers have become more diverse and ready to respond to the dynamic fashion industry. It is important to identify a jewelry designer who is there to give you the best.

This year's summer jewelry trend has seen a lot of changes. Party jewelry has become bright, bold and chunky and is here to make statements. It is important that they demand the necessary attention, whether they are massive or light.

This list is a preview of what you can use to be trendy this summer at whatever music festival you choose to attend. These jewels are perfect for any outfit, as long as you understand your collection.





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