Stone necklaces

The stone necklace , whether choker or long necklace is one of the essentials to adopt now!

A trendy necklace that is emulated because this necklace with a stone is worn more and more and the stones have beneficial virtues.

Did you know that if you wear an amazonite necklace , this stone dissipates sadness, relieves and brings comfort, it also helps to release the pressure that you put on your shoulders, to open up to the world, to raise head and finally smile to life!

The Mina Amazonite necklace by 9Avril, Paris

In lithotherapy, the labradorite stone is known for its protective virtue. It is extremely protective by absorbing the negative but also by being a full shield. Labradorite protects both from the surrounding negative and both by absorbing it until it is completely dissolved.

The pink quartz stone when it represents love. The latter is directly connected to the 4th chakra, the heart chakra. Rose quartz represents love from around the world but also tenderness.

With its symbol, the hawk eye stone represents the guardian angel who sees everything. In Ireland, the Celts believed that the hawk's eye was a talisman allowing the wearer to progress methodically in stages. In Egypt, the falcon's eye was called the stone of Horus. Finally, for their part, the Peruvian shamans considered that the falcon's eye was a precious help for the animals, helping them to evolve their animal spirit towards the human spirit.

The Mina falcon eye necklace By 9Avrilth Paris

Aventurine would have the reputation of being a soft and beneficial stone which absorbs negative waves and harmful emanations of all kinds: electric and electromagnetic waves, for example emitted by the high voltage lines, telluric waves coming from watercourses underground and Hartman networks, these strange currents that would crisscross the surface of the globe. In this, it would be protective of the habitat and can be placed in the four corners of the houses to clean up the atmosphere.

Aventurine necklace by 9 Avril Paris

It would also be a stimulating stone in every sense of the word: it would give energy, stimulate creativity, help decision-making, project development, clear up ideas. Linked to the heart chakra, it would bring peace of mind and help control emotions. Thus, it would facilitate meditation and the appeasement of surges of anger and other negative feelings. It is a stone of peace and balance!



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