The jewelry box:the ideal gift

Each year, these are the same questions that we ask ourselves in November (or December if you are a little less far-sighted), these questions that we try to answer by simply looking for "women's gift" on the net.

And yes ! November is not right away, but why not start a little earlier so as not to be overwhelmed at Christmas It is during this month that we realize that the end of year celebrations are already so close, it is in November that the majority of mothers start buying the first gifts for their children and try to find the perfect gift..

By browsing the blogs and reading the magazines, we hope to find the perfect gift for our daughter, the object or the accessory that she did not even know she needed but which will give her a unique pleasure when she discovers it. ! Sure, we know she wants that piece of clothing, that perfume, or that pair of shoes, but it's always special to give your princess an unexpected gift, a gift she'll love without even asking.



This gift could be a jewelry box.

The jewelry box is storage with many qualities but too often forgotten or set aside. Although it is found in more and more bedrooms and living rooms, its success does not yet match its practicality and beauty.

When we talk about a boxjewelry, some women think of a container made of metal and looking a bit old-fashioned. In reality, jewelry boxes have changed and become much more than just storage.

A jewelry box is an aesthetic piece that brings a unique touch to your room, a jewelry box is also a practical accessory that will save you time throughout your days and space in your environment. So maybe this prose convinced you to get a jewelry box for your personal collection (it's understandable), but if we talk about the famous jewelry box, it's because it could also be the perfect gift for your princess!

Consider the shape of the jewelry box. The most common shapes for one-piece jewelry boxes are oval, rectangular, round, or square, but there are many other options, such as diamond, heart, or seashell shapes. Note, however, that the standard shapes are more spacious than the more unique shapes.

Materials too - we are no longer limited to boxes lined with velvet or satin. Silk and cotton are also acceptable and popular. The most important thing is that the lining is soft and lint-free to prevent abrasion of your jewelry. For the box itself, wood is a great option. It is durable, protects jewelry and helps block moisture buildup, which can damage your jewelry after prolonged exposure. Glass jewelry boxes are another option. Although they come in many different sizes, their design is generally relatively simple and consists of a single, simple compartment. They make great gifts because they're very chic and attractive, but they're more fragile than other types of jewelry boxes, so they're not the best choice for long-term jewelry storage.

Is it for a single piece of jewelry or will you be storing several pieces of jewelry together If you have a lot of jewelry and you plan to store them together, you will need a larger box with many compartments and a place for necklaces. Or maybe you have a lot of rings. In this case, you need a jewelry box with lots of slots to place each ring. You may have a lot of small pieces like earrings or bracelets. In this case, choose a box with many compartments to simplify the organization of your jewelry. You prefer necklaces Make sure you have a jewelry box that has a vertical design with plenty of space to hang your necklaces And then there are the locks - do you want to be able to lock your jewelry box Some people prefer locks as an extra precaution against curious young children who might think your jewelry is a great accessory for dressing up. Locks are also useful if you plan to carry your jewelry in your jewelry box while

A unique surprise for a girl

Unless your daughter doesn't own any jewelry, chances are she'll be thrilled to find a beautiful girls' jewelry box under the tree.

A jewelry box has many qualities that will all meet a different need or desire. To illustrate a problem that our children face and the solution provided by a jewelry box... Thus, the loss of a piece of jewelry that was recently given to them is a fairly predictable event. However, if your little head has a box to store this treasure, surely it could save us some tears related to the loss of this same treasure, no?

Thanks to this jewelry box, your daughter will even be able to develop habits related to the storage of her things and the things she cares about, thus becoming more organized!


Storage like no other

More than just a practical accessory, the jewelry box is also an object of unique beauty. We know more than anyone that our little darlings are easily amazed by anything they deem "beautiful". The jewelry boxes that can be found on the Internet today all correspond to different styles and it is certain that one of them corresponds exactly to your daughter's taste.

Practical, pretty and original, the jewelry box is our gift idea for a girl!

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