Trendy jewelry to offer at Christmas

It's the end of the year and with it, the inevitable puzzle of gifts to offer. To be sure to please all the members of the family, there's nothing like a pretty piece of jewelry.

Christmas gift ideas: must-have jewelry

To avoid taking risks, or if you are not up to date on the tastes of the person to whom you are offering the famous jewel, you bet on timeless pieces. In this category, we think of all-purpose jewelry that goes with all styles and will never go out of fashion.

On the side ofnecklaces , this can take the form of a thin golden chain with a subtle pendant at the end like thehearts, themreligious medals or the stars.


The radiusbangles , there are several essentials:the rush bracelet, the bracelet with large links, the pearly pearl bracelet, the thin chain... To change from the traditional bracelet to wear around the wrist, you can also opt for the alternative of theankle bracelet.


For theearrings , unless you know at your fingertips the tastes of the person who will receive the gift, we bet on a refined style. We avoid very large earrings, colors that are too bright or rhinestones that are too flashy. Prettygolden hoops are great options.


To stock up on inspiration before you go Christmas shopping, browse our selection of 15 pieces of jewelry.


1/15 The Bowie Earrings


2/15 Maasai Bangle Bracelet

Bracelet jonc




3/15 Rock Necklace


Collier rock


4/15 Seychelles Bracelet

Bracelet coquillage


5/15 Miraculous Ring

Bague miraculeuse


6/15 Nina ring

bague nina


7/15 Navy Strap

bracelet navy


8/15 Angel and Demon Bracelet

bracelet ange et demon



9/15 Moonlight Necklace


collier moonlight


10/15 Midnight Mini Hoops

mini creoles midnight




11/15 Seychelles ankle chain

chaine de cheville

12/15 Luna Necklace

collier luna


13/15 Customizable Romance Necklace


collier personnalisable


14/15 Estrella Necklace



15/15 Kawaii Bamboo Earrings


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