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Religious jewelry has appeared since the Christianization of the Roman Empire under Constantine. Even today, these religious gems are more than ever present in various jewelry stores around the world. Many people wear them to assert their faith and others like Fashion Accessories .

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In this article, find out about the different types of Christian jewelry on the market, their meanings and how to wear them in style.

Origin of religious jewelry

The use of jewelry is as old as humanity itself. These jewelry are made from different materials such as gold, aluminum, copper, silver, plastic, seashells, etc. Some jewelry is particularly adorned with religious subjects , whether they are pieces in painted enamel or jewelry using the fantastic shapes of baroque pearls.

There is a diverse range of religious jewelry that a Christian can wear or give away for more or less special occasions. Among these religious jewelry we can cite the crosses, the holy medals,angel pendants, Madonna rings, rosaries, etc.

However, it is essential to know the meaning and importance of these religious jewels before use.


Meaning and importance of Christian jewelry

Christian jewelry, far from being mere accessories, has a special meaning especially for Christians. It is not just a simple desire to follow fashion or display a certain style.

Wearing religious jewelry for Christians is above all a way of making themselves authentic and of live your spirituality fully . It is therefore the meaning we give to the wearing of religious jewelry that can determine the difference, often subtle, between the sacred and the profane.

Here is in detail the meaning of religious jewelry that a Christian could wear and make it both an ornament and a symbol of his faith.

  • The cross : it has always been the symbol of Christendom known to all. It naturally represents the crucifix, the passion of Christ and salvation. The cross also symbolizes redemption and the trinity. It is therefore a sign both of Jesus Christ himself and of the faith of Christians. Carrying a cross is not only an ornament, it is also a sign of belonging to Christ.

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  • A holy medal : associated with baptism, the medal is a jewel offered on various occasions in Catholic religious life. When it comes to baptism, we usually choose the image of the Virgin Mary or of a saint. It also symbolizes a call to the conscience of all.

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  • Angel pendants : they have a powerful and personal meaning related to the angels who symbolize protection, love and harmony. They are extremely elegant and embody purity. Giving someone an angel pendant gives them joy and protection.


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  • Madonna ring : it simply represents the virgin and child in the sense of Christian mythology.


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  • The Rosary : according to the dictionary, it is an object of religious devotion generally made up of grains threaded on a cord forming a circle. It is used in various religious traditions. The rosary makes it possible in particular to count, by ticking off the beads, prayers recited in a repetitive manner.

This collection of religious jewelry also includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, chains made of silver, gold plated, mother-of-pearl or enamel.

Why wear religious jewelry?

As mentioned above, wearing religious jewelry is a very special way of expressing your belief and belonging to the Christian religion . This clearly proves that you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.

In addition, pendants, medals, holy necklaces and many more still adorn your outfit, giving it one dimension at a time spiritual and trendy . The advantage of these jewels lies in their simplicity and discretion, allowing them to match with any chic or casual outfit. Religious jewelry is still very popular.

Where to buy religious jewelry?

9Avril, Paris is a jewelry store specializing in the manufacture and marketing of religious costume jewelry and trendy textile accessories. Moreover, on its site, there is a myriad of jewelry: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings of different styles, etc.

Indeed, this jewelry is aimed at everyone without exception and mainly at modern women looking for simple accessories to wear on a daily basis. That said, one of the creations that set it apart from other jewelry stores is its religious jewelry collection very trendy.

They represent interesting gift ideas for religious events such as a baptism, a communion or any religious celebration . Generally, for such circumstances, we offer medals, pendants or key rings in gold or silver on which we insert religious motifs such as Saints, Christ, the Virgin or lay people like a star, etc.

In9Avril, Paris, religious jewelry is aesthetic , beautiful, but above all current . Far from these simple and classic religious jewels, they are much more original. The truth is that their only common denominator with classic religious jewelry lies in the designs inserted on the pendants or medals in order to give them a religious connotation. Apart from that, 9Avril Paris preferred to use a more fashion style , suitable for each gender.

Special jewelry for special occasions

During the holiday season, especially Easter, which is observed every year, you can think of making a loved one happy by offering them a religious jewel. In addition, every day new jewelry are integrated into the collection just to ensure your daily satisfaction.

The good news is that they are available at low prices! As a bonus, the jewels of 9 avril in Paris are customizable either with the date of the event, the first name of the recipient, etc.

Choosing the 9Avril Paris jewelry store is to harmoniously associate charm with your spirituality. Handcrafted, these jewels are assembled piece by piece with perfect mastery made in France. Get your religious jewelry today and access a spiritual dimension that is easy on your style.

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