What is the Bohemian jewelry style and how to adopt it?

You may have heard recently of jewelry or the bohemian style, a trend that has been gaining popularity lately. Or maybe you've noticed that more and more people are starting to wear jewelry with natural and earth themes, as well as clothing and accessories in neutral tones and peaceful pops of color.

More and more people are turning to bohemian jewelry, and bohemian style in general, as a trend towards a simpler, more natural view of fashion.


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What is bohemian style?

This unique style originated over two centuries ago when bohemian jewelry, clothing and art style became popular in Europe. It is most often associated with artists, intellectuals, writers, and people who prefer to live on the road in an almost nomadic way.

The main visual characteristics of bohemian fashion are that it gives the impression of being open, free and natural. The bohemian style does not accommodate any constraint and it is intended to express your inner singularity and individuality.


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That being said, it's hard to describe anything too specific about jewelry or bohemian fashion, because freedom of choice, which goes against the norm, is a key tenet of bohemian style. Nevertheless, there are many common themes that you may notice when looking at jewelry or bohemian fashion:

Bohemian style is characterized by bright color combinations that you will rarely see together in other fashion styles.

Oversized clothes , loose and free are also typical of bohemian fashion - no tight jeans or tight jackets.

Scarves . Lots of scarves. Of course, not all bohemian-inspired outfits feature a scarf, but this piece of clothing is definitely an icon of bohemian style. Tied around your hat, wrapped around the handle of your bag, wrapped around your arm like a large bracelet, there's no limit to what you can do with a scarf in bohemian fashion.

Uniquely designed jewelry , large and colorful. Of theearrings huge and colorful, handmade bracelets, earth-colored rings on almost every finger - this is the kind of jewelry that can be seen in the bohemian style.

great accessories such as oversized handbags or giant boots. Just as bohemian clothes aren't meant to be figure-hugging, bohemian accessories are anything but understated.

Lots of straps . Hair straps, bracelets instead of bracelets, "gladiator" strappy sandals - the bohemian style loves this unique design choice.

More importantly, the bohemian style is unified in that it gives you the freedom to fully express your desires and preferences. If all you want to wear is a bohemian-style necklace and a thin scarf, no one can tell you that's not a valid bohemian fashion choice. If you want to turn into a true gypsy on the road, that's part of the style too.


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History of bohemian fashion and jewelry

The bohemian style is one of the most striking and famous "alternative" fashion choices of the past 200 years. The beginnings of the bohemian counterculture date back to the years following the French Revolution.

After this cornerstone in the history of France and Europe, the old system of artistic patronage collapsed almost completely, and many artists found themselves in poverty. Many of them adopted a nomadic lifestyle, began to live more economically and sought other ways to express their individuality.

This led to the emergence of a new cult of personality among European artists - a cult where all the limits and constraints of art were removed, and where artists felt free to create, invent and even to wear what they wanted. People quickly started comparing these wandering performers to gypsies because of their similar lifestyle and clothing choices. And since many people thought that Gypsies came from Bohemia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, the bohemian fashion style was born.

As a "counter-culture" fashion style, bohemian has had its ups and downs over the years, but it has always remained in the limelight. In recent times, with the arrival of millennials, the bohemian style is making a comeback.

How to dress bohemian?

There are no strict guidelines on how to dress bohemian – that's the whole point. The main points to remember are that the bohemian style loves loose and free clothing, usually in light but multi-layered fabrics.

In terms of colors, earthy green, brown and yellow are typical colors for the bohemian style, but virtually any other color or color combination is also allowed - as long as they allow you to express yourself, they will certainly be considered. like bohemian style clothes.


Bohemian jewelry

As with bohemian clothing and other accessories, the key point with bohemian jewelry is that there are very few constraints on what you can do with it. On the one hand, bohemian jewelry can be declined in all types of jewelry pieces. Here are some examples:

The Rings bohemian style. Bohemian rings rarely include expensive gemstones but instead use accessible semi-precious stones. Raw stones are also a popular material in bohemian jewelry, with stones that are not polished or cut into specific shapes but kept in their natural form.

Wristbands bohemian style. There really is no limit when it comes to bohemian bracelets - whether you want to stack a series of small bracelets or choose a big statement bracelet. Friendship bracelets, which usually feature designs hand-woven into fabric, are also a popular type of bohemian bracelet.

Bohemian style necklaces and pendants. Just like bracelets, bohemian necklaces offer limitless possibilities. Natural materials like leather, semi-precious stones, beads and string are common.

The earrings bohemian style are also very rich and colorful, and usually oversized.


Are bohemian jewelry made for me?

Bohemian jewelry suits everyone. At least, that's what we think. While they might not be the best choice for a red carpet, they're perfect for a casual, relaxed and free look.

Choose pieces that you are comfortable with and that work for you in terms of color and size. Just because something looks great on someone else doesn't necessarily mean it will look great on you. Always choose parts that suit you.

If you are a person who likes minimalist and understated jewelry, there are some great bohemian pieces that will suit you.


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