The ankle chain:the trend for summer 2024

Very common in many cultures, especially in India and Africa, the ankle bracelet is a fashion jewelry in its own right. Women of all ages wear it and are seduced because it brings a glamorous and sexy side. It allows you to assert your femininity and that is why jewelry designers compete in imagination to create jewelry that will highlight our ankle.

This summer, the anklet is emerging as the must-have trend, adding a touch of grace and style to your summer look. Redefining the traditional accessory, modern anklets come in a variety of creative designs, from delicate pieces to bold statements. Sporting an anklet adds a subtle touch of elegance to your summer outfits, whether with casual sandals, glamorous heels or even barefoot on the beach. Explore the diversity of patterns, from pearls to pendants, to personalize your style and adopt the anklet trend for a chic and relaxed summer look. Let yourself be carried away by this hot trend that perfectly merges bohemian glamor with the sunny spirit of summer

ankle chain

Agadir ankle bracelet 9April

The anklet: a sensual fashion jewel

The anklet is perceived by men as a sensual and sexy accessory and as a real weapon of seduction. It can be worn in summer with heels as well as flip-flops, a short skirt but also a long dress, with shorts as well as with a chic outfit, for the beach, for work or for an evening.

How to choose your ankle bracelet?

ankle chain

Ankle chains 9Avril

Whatever the occasion or the outfit, the anklet adds that little extra that can make all the difference. As long as you choose it carefully.

For an evening or for a more chic side, the trend is for a gold-plated ankle bracelet. Generally thin, it will dress your ankle.

Some do not hesitate to choose a curb bracelet version and even one with a plaque. But this type of model does not suit all styles, all outfits and all occasions, know that!

The Brazilian type ankle bracelet is mainly reserved for teenage girls. For the beach, on vacation or with a casual outfit, you can wear a chain model with charms.

How to wear an ankle bracelet?

The question may seem strange to you. An ankle bracelet is worn……..on the ankle. Please note that there are two ways to wear it. Either tight and it stays at the ankle or falls gently on the top of the foot. There is no style code for choosing this or that way of wearing it. It's a question of taste. In the past, like ear studs for men, if we wore it on the right or on the left it was indicative of our sexual orientation. This is no longer the case today. We wear the anklet wherever we want!

A fan of beach wear, a trendy accessory for a chic outfit in summer, the ankle bracelet has not said its last word and is still just as trendy for those who love fashion jewelry from the head….to the ankle!

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