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What is the meaning of the choker necklace?

Suggestions about choker necklaces may make you question your initial reason for choosing to wear a choker, especially if you were wearing it for reasons other than sexual connotations.

Frequently, men sexualize choker necklaces for various reasons, and when women are seen wearing these necklaces, they are sometimes perceived as having a sexual dimension by these men.

What's even more problematic is that certain ideas are associated with choker necklaces. This is why it is essential to understand the potential sexual connotation of chokers before wearing them.

However, it should be noted that not everyone necessarily understands why these necklaces can be linked to sexual meanings.

We therefore began exploring the realm of necklaces and their sexual connotations.

Lemon Choker necklace

Lemon Choker Necklace by 9Avril

What do chokers mean sexually?

The choker remains by far the jewelry most strongly associated with sexual connotations in history.

Although wearing chokers is common among lovers of gothic fashion styles, there is a wide range of chokers available in the market, thus providing a wide range of brand choices.

It is notable that some of these collars are designated by names containing explicit sexual innuendo, often linked to BDSM practices.

However, within this wide variety of chokers, including the iconic O-rings and classic spiked chokers, there is the question of whether there is actually a connection between chokers. and BDSM, as well as other sexual preferences.

Indeed, the truth is that the meaning of necklaces varies depending on the type of necklace, implying that despite the sexual connotations that may be associated with necklaces, each necklace actually carries its own meaning.

However, it is essential to note that the association of chokers with sexual meanings does not date from this century, but goes back a long time.

In the famous painting titled "Olympia" from 1863, a nude woman is depicted wearing a ribbon choker. At the time, it is believed that women who sported such necklaces were generally seen as prostitutes.

However, in a painting from 1798, during the French Revolution, women were also depicted wearing a red ribbon around their necks as a sign of homage to those who died under the guillotine.

Perhaps it was a common joke, but the truth remains uncertain.

Nonetheless, it seems that what has more relevance regarding collars and their relationship to sexuality is the ancient belief that prostitutes frequently wore collars.

There is no definitive answer, as even assumptions surrounding women wearing the red ribbon during the French Revolution could also be interpreted as having sexual elements.

However, the connections between choker necklaces and certain sexual inclinations may not be the only reason why women opt for these necklaces. The choker also serves as a fashion statement, as evidenced by Princess Alexandra of Wales who, during the Russian Revolution, was photographed wearing an exquisite choker as a style statement.

choker necklaces

Choker and choker necklaces 9Avril

Yet when looking at the differing opinions expressed by various men, there is a tendency to assume that chokers are primarily about sexuality, and that women who wear them are often seen not just as women with loose morals, but also as submissive.

However, at the end of the day, what it all boils down to is the ongoing and extensive discussion of constant male control.

A choker necklace could easily be considered an elegant fashion accessory worn by a woman, but men seem to influence this perception.

If one nevertheless wishes to explore the sexual meaning of chokers, most men (and some women) agree that wearing such a necklace suggests submission.

The choker is likened to a collar, similar to those worn by animals. Therefore, it is interpreted as a symbol of the degree of submission of women, compared to that of animals.

It is important to point out that this may be perceived as inappropriate, especially for people who are not interested in such sexual practices or inclinations.

Why are choker necklaces so hot?

The ultimate symbol of submission

For dominant partners, especially those who engage in BDSM, the collar (preferably called by them "the collar") represents the ultimate submission of their partner.

For these individuals, the only way to be is to be dominant, and for that they need a fully submissive partner, which is why wearing a collar can be incredibly arousing for them.

Sense of belonging

If you are a fan of the Gothic style, it is obvious that you can easily spot someone who shares the same style as you.

As a result, the choker necklace creates a deep sense of belonging, which could be another reason why it is considered one of the most fashionable jewelry/accessories in history.

Choker necklaces are royal

For anyone who appreciates high fashion, regardless of age, choker necklaces have a regal aura.

Basically, some of the most renowned fashion icons have worn them across generations, making them both popular and fashionable.

In the Victorian era, queens were particularly fond of choker necklaces, these accessories made them powerful.

The choker creates the illusion of a longer neck.

This can be both about fashion and seduction, depending on the perspective. Basically, a choker necklace gives the appearance of a longer neck, which some people find sexy.

Finally it must be admitted that choker necklaces have been strongly sexualized, which is linked to the fact that these necklaces, just like high heels, tight clothing, short skirts or fishnet stockings, highlight specific aspects of the morphology of the woman, hence the sexual connotations.

A choker is an accessory like any other, but for whatever reasons (perhaps the association with the collar?), wearing it makes women sexual objects.

It's an accessory that women should be able to wear without worrying about the thoughts of the men they meet.

Choker necklaces can be sexualized, however, a choker necklace should be seen as nothing more than a fashion accessory that provides a feeling of well-being to the wearer.

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