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Which necklace to wear with which neckline in 2024?

Find the perfect harmony between necklaces and necklines with our essential guide. Discover the style tips to enhance each neckline, whether it's a V, sweetheart, boat, plunging, or asymmetrical neckline. Opt for elegance by choosing the necklace that completes your outfit with grace and sophistication. Turn every detail into a fashion statement.

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Collar for crew necks

Crew necklines are very versatile when it comes to necklaces. The trick is to play with the length rather than the style of the necklace. The collar should be just longer than the neckline or just shorter. A pretty short chain with a delicate pendant will look chic with a crew neck. You can wear your favorite pendant slightly longer than the neckline. This combination is particularly elegant with small pendants or medallions.

With crew necks, it's best to avoid chokers or very long necklaces, and we also recommend keeping your necklaces symmetrical. If you want to introduce a stronger point of difference, we suggest layering two or three pendants like this to create a detailed, asymmetrical look.

gold plated necklace

V-neck collars

Most women own a necklace that suits a V-neck because they pair well with necklaces that mimic their shape and fall naturally in a V shape. The pendant should not be too large or too small so that space around your collar and neckline is proportionate. The pendants should sweep gracefully along the neckline without falling into or on the neckline and should also not be too short. A good rule of thumb is that the collar and neckline should have 2cm of space between them.

With V-necks, you'll want to avoid anything that is too wide or doesn't complement the V-shape. For example, bib collars look great with a button-down shirt and crew necks, but like most Since they have a round shape, they will look out of place compared to a V shape. Just like the crew neck, it is best to avoid wearing asymmetrical necklaces, as the V shape is a such a key feature of the outfit that an asymmetrical necklace will detract from this and make the outfit too busy.

Boat neck collar

The boat neckline is a high neckline wide on the torso. As it is a wide neckline, it is complemented by necklaces longer than the neckline. You can pair a boat neckline with a double row of pearls for a feminine look or wear it with a slightly longer chain pendant for easy weekend wear like this one.

The trick is that the longer necklace balances and complements the wide neckline. Avoid anything shorter than this neckline, especially necklaces, and also avoid anything that might fall into your neckline. Boat necklines also work well with asymmetrical necklaces such as multi-strand necklaces with different sized beads or pendants.

Necklace for off-the-shoulder top

An off-the-shoulder top can be a bandeau or bardot top; they are both off the shoulders, but a bardot top always has sleeves. Bardot's are more likely to have a straight neckline that shows off cleavage and a bandeau can have a more sculpted neckline like a sweetheart neckline. Both of these tops look great with short necklaces like chokers that don't break up the outfit and still mean your neckline is the focal point.

You can also wear longer necklaces with these. The mix of a summery Bardot top and a long necklace gives a real bohemian vibe. Pearl necklaces also look great with Bardot tops. If you are wearing a bandeau style off the top, we recommend sticking to shorter necklaces as a long necklace will look unbalanced with this neckline, especially a sweetheart neckline.

gold plated necklace

Collar with collared shirts

Collared shirts are probably more versatile than you think. Since you can change your style by wearing the buttons fully closed or leaving a few buttons undone, it's easy to create totally different looks with the right necklace.

One of our favorite ways to pair a necklace with a collared shirt is to wear a bib necklace like this over the shirt. The color blocking of most shirts will highlight the collar, making the high neckline less conservative. You can also wear the neckline open and turn this neckline into a V-neck, making it perfect for layered chains and pendants.

Collars for a turtleneck

When wearing a turtleneck, long necklaces look great with the high neck because they draw the eye down and elongate the body. As a layering piece, it's easy to put a gorgeous long necklace over a turtleneck. Don't be afraid if your necklace swings while you walk. Wear it with confidence or start with a smaller pendant if you want to avoid this. A sleek, understated chain will look stunning on a plain turtleneck top.

Are there any necklines you shouldn't wear a necklace with?

It's really a personal choice as there is a necklace for every neckline, but your overall look will have more impact and look elegant if you make sure to balance your other jewelry with it. For example, off-the-shoulder necklines can be difficult to pair with a necklace and can look best with a pair of statement earrings, but don't be afraid to try a pretty pendant and see how you look and feel. you feel.

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