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How to sleep comfortably with earrings?

Do you find removing your earrings at the end of a long day a tedious and boring task? Maybe it's putting them back in the morning, especially if you're late for work, that bothers you. In this article we look at how to sleep comfortably with earrings .

Every time we get into bed , we look forward to a restful, peaceful sleep that will rejuvenate us for the next morning. No one wants something as small as earrings to interrupt your sleep and bother you throughout the night.

Worse yet, they can make your ears inflamed, irritated, even red, and your neck painful. This is why many people choose to take off their earrings before bed. Unfortunately, we don't always think to take them off before sleeping, or we don't want to lose or misplace them while traveling. Let's find out how to sleep comfortably with earrings every night.

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How to sleep comfortably at night with earrings?

Use earring backs

If you choose to sleep with your earrings on, the type of earring backing you wear greatly affects how you sleep at night. Some people recommend wearing post earrings because they feature a soft, clear silicone that prevents the post from digging into the body while securing the earrings, without compromising the comfort of our sleep.

Screw-back earrings are also a viable option as their backs are shaped like a screw, with the pointed end of the screw rounded to prevent the earring from digging into the ear, unlike the type traditional with butterfly back. These screw back earrings have a flat back that sits on the ear and screws into the earring, securing it.

You can also opt for hook earrings with silicone stoppers that slide over the hook to protect your neck from the sharp, thin part of the hook digging into your skin. Silicone plugs are also known to protect and secure the earring and prevent it from digging into your skin. They are made of a soft, flexible material and are easily available at any local jewelry store.

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Sleep in the correct position

How you sleep determines how much pressure is placed on your ears and how comfortable you will sleep with your earrings on. In general, it is advisable to sleep on your back when choosing to sleep with your earrings on. Stomach and side positions are likely to irritate your ears due to the pressure exerted throughout the night. If you are not used to sleeping on your back, you may find this position quite uncomfortable.

You can place several pillows around you to prevent you from tossing and turning when sleeping in a back position. Likewise, consider bending your knees slightly, as this allows you to sleep more comfortably and provides additional support to your back.

Make sure your arms are at your sides, tucked under or on top of pillows to ensure you stay on your back all night. Learning to sleep on your back takes some time if you're not used to it. However, its benefits are much greater than just sleeping with your earrings on.

Tie up your hair at night

Keeping your hair tied up while you sleep prevents it from getting tangled in your earrings. We often toss and turn while we sleep, causing our hair to move in different directions. In this case, they can get tangled in your earrings, irritating your lobes and damaging your hair. It is best to tie them loosely with a hair tie or cover them with a satin scarf.

How long until you can sleep with an ear piercing?

The healing process of your ear piercing depends on how you take care of it. Typically, standard ear piercings take around six to eight weeks to fully heal. However, some ear piercings, like helix and conch, may take longer to heal. If you practice the tips mentioned above, you will be able to sleep comfortably on your ear piercing whether it is healed or not.

How to sleep with new piercings in both ears?

If you have new piercings in both ears , the best option for sleeping comfortably through the night is on your back. However, other people can sleep on their side and stomach strategically with new piercings in both ears without putting pressure on them.

If you choose to sleep on your side, remove your pillow and sleep on your face, cheekbones down. Use your arm to support your head by bringing your forearm above your ear, leaving your elbow at eye level. This way, you elevate your ear so as not to crush it while you sleep. You can also choose to sleep on U-shaped pillows if you prefer to sleep on your side.


By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to sleep comfortably throughout the night with your earrings on. These are simple to follow and affordable options that will help you get a long, comfortable and pain-free night's sleep with your earrings.

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