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shell jewelry the trend for summer 2024

Shell jewelry (bracelet, necklace, earrings) has made a comeback in recent times and many people have been won over by it. It all depends of course on the tastes of the person and in this case the meaning of the jewel. Shells are not only made for listening to the sea, but they can also be worn on the wrist, around the neck, or on the ears as jewelry.

Shell jewelry , carrying ancestral meaning, transcends ephemeral trends to become timeless pieces. At the heart of this trend, cowrie shells stand out with their powerful symbolism, evoking luck and protection. Shell necklaces, decorated with delicate pendants, captivate with their simplicity and their connection to marine nature. Shell bracelets embody casual elegance, adding a bohemian touch to every outfit. Anklets, carrying an exotic aura, blend perfectly with summer freedom. Each shell jewelry tells a unique story, weaving a connection between the individual and the infinite ocean, creating a trend that goes beyond a simple accessory to become a profound personal expression. These jewels, much more than simple ornaments, reflect a way of life where nature and symbolism merge to create eternal beauty.

Shell bracelet

Shell bracelet by 9Avril Paris

The latest jewelry trends

Jewelry accessorizes the outfit and also offers symbolic value to the person wearing it. A piece of jewelry can awaken buried memories, especially if it was given by a loved one as a sign of friendship or as proof of love. Some jewelry is even worn to emphasize a link with certain ethnic or religious groups. This is why each material used says a lot about the jewelry worn. The latter can also have an identity function. It helps to convey a message and give a certain image of oneself. You will have understood, jewelry says a lot about your personality.

Why shell jewelry?

Many people have already brought back shell jewelry when they return from vacation. But these little gems of nature with unique and intricate details can be worn all year round. Shells remain one of the prettiest elements in nature. They evoke the perpetuity of the summer period and will give an exotic, casual but chic touch to your look. In the world of fashion, this type of jewelry has never been valued. Its artisanal side reminiscent of the Tropics and holidays continues to seduce those who love bohemian jewelry. In summer or any other time of the year, shell jewelry is an accessory that you absolutely must have in your collection!

shell necklace

Shell necklace by 9Avril Paris

Opt for jewelry set with “cowrie shells”!

A good piece of jewelry is not made from just any material. In order to add charm to your look, the young designer from 9avril Paris has chosen an exceptional type of shell: the Cowrie. At one time, this shell, which is generally found in the shallow depths and warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, was long used as a currency for trade. For the most superstitious, it is also a lucky charm which would bring luck and protection to the person who wears it. In some countries, its form associated with the female sex is a sign of fertility and fecundity. But aside from these many meanings, many women have started to make jewelry sets out of pure coquetry. So, you too, be elegant by integrating a little naturalness into your style with fine bracelets, earrings and necklaces set with cowrie shells! The cowrie shell is no longer confined to fine sandy beaches, it has found a good place among the trendy jewelry of the moment.

How to wear shell jewelry?

This type of jewelry can be worn in many ways depending on your tastes. If you are discreet by nature, you can choose a thin gold or silver necklace chain with a single shell. You can also opt for shells accumulated around a choker or delicately placed at the end of a necklace. To dress your wrists, wear a simple thin gold chain, decorated with a delicate cowrie shell ornament.

And if you like a slightly bohemian style, shells can even be worn as an ankle bracelet. Moreover, there are also models decorated with shells tinged with gilding. For example, you can wear your shell anklet with a pretty pair of flip-flops or a pair of trendy sneakers.

Shells are essential in the world of jewelry and can also be worn in rings and many other accessories. To go even further, these shells are sometimes even combined with pearls, which are other essential natural gems of the moment.

Shell earrings

Shell earrings by 9Avril Paris

Where to find shell jewelry?

Are you seduced by this new trend? If this is the case, know that the talented designer of 9avril Paris has created numerous models of cowrie shell jewelry that adapt to all tastes and budgets: shell necklaces, small earrings rings with shells, bracelets with shell charms, shell anklets… Impose your style by ordering a personalized piece of jewelry, which will be assembled piece by piece according to your requests. These quality pieces of jewelry are all handmade. The white cowrie porcelain is very easy to maintain using a small brush, clean water and soap. Opting for cowrie shell jewelry from 9Avril means choosing a timeless piece of jewelry that can be worn for any occasion.

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