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Heart jewelry


Heart jewelry or heart pendants are precious goods. They sometimes constitute an external link with the person or people whom one loves the most. With this type of bohemian jewelry, you have the opportunity to express your affection by gifting it to someone. They are also accessories that you can proudly display when wearing them. If you are reading this article, it is certainly because you are in need of a heart jewelry, or because you want to know more about heart jewelry. Trust 9Avril bijoux, your online jewelry store, which will guide you in choosing yourde vos jewelry heart-shaped. Thus, here in the lines to follow, the essential to know about heart jewelry, from their meaning to their different types, including the best occasions to offer them..

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What does it mean to give a heart jewel??

Giving a heart jewel is a gesture that has a very great meaning, but which varies according to the person to whom the bohemian jewel is offered. In fact, the most important thing when you decide to give a heart jewel as a gift is that the person to whom you give it understands the meaning of such a gesture. 9Avril bijoux immerses you in the history of art, in order to make you understand the meaning of the heart shape, its graphics and its symbolism.lisme.



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The history of art and the symbolism of the heart shapeur

The jewel is a real element of art. The meaning and the way of drawing the heart have evolved over time. Nowadays, the heart is the symbol of love, but this has not always been the case. Indeed, in antiquity it was used especially as an element of decoration and it was given more style. Then, the use of the heart shape in the artistic community has varied from one artist to another. Each of them gave the meaning they wanted to their artistic heart-shaped works. As for the symbolism of the heart motif in a piece of jewelry, it has been built up across history and across continents. In the time of Jesus and Christian symbolism, a sacred character was given to the heart symbol of the soul. For the Egyptians, too, a person's soul is in their heart. As for the erotic meaning that we currently attribute to the heart and its relationship with love, they are taken from African symbolism. Understanding the meaning of giving a heart jewel is also understanding the design of the heart.raphisme du cœur.


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The heart graphics

Heart jewelry or heart pendants are not just expressive; they also have a beautiful shape to observe. Besides, the pure form of the heart itself is pretty. However, through small variations in color and shape, various emotions can be conveyed through a graphic representation adopted when drawing a heart. There are indeed various nuances that the graphic use of the heart can take on in a piece of jewelry, a painting, a drawing or a


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The occasions to offer a heart jewel

When you are in a relationship, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to give gifts to your partner. There is nothing more beautiful than to give a heart jewel or a heart pendant to your beloved one. Apart from Valentine's Day, you can also take advantage of other occasions to give a personalized heart jewelry gift. This can be on the occasion of the following events: wedding, birthday, first communion, Mother's Day, Grandmother's Day, etc. Heart-shaped jewelry or pendants serve as a surprise gift with the obvious symbolism of declaring your desire and passion. Discover at 9Avril bijoux, high quality jewelry to honor unforgettable moments. By offering a heart necklace or heart earrings to a young girl, you are giving her a present which she will keep in a precious way. As for women, these very fashionable bohemian jewelry will make perfect accessories for all their clothes. Nothing more original than a heart pendant to declare your love.a flamme.

However, you don't necessarily need a special occasion to give your sweetheart or a loved one a heart jewel. As soon as you can, please your loved ones by reaffirming your attachment and sincere feelings with heart jewelry. Take advantage of the perfect gift ideas to make your wife beautiful.e.


The different types of heart jewelry 9Avril jewelry

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