why women love jewelry ?

Women and jewelry are two inseparable elements. Few women don't like to wear jewelry, and there's a reason for that. Indeed, 99% of women are fans of these ornaments. When you see women in the street or in the office, the majority wear them. Whether it is anecklace, abracelet, aRing or whatever, they all love these fashion accessories. However, not all women wear the same kinds of jewelry. While some like classy and elegant jewelry, others prefer more whimsical versions. There are good reasons for this and they depend on the woman in question. Let's see why women love to wear jewelry so much.

What kinds of jewelry are often found in women?

Whatever the reason, the jewelry is simply useful for the fairer sex. In most cases, women use it to convey a message. Each accessory they put on has a specific meaning. Women don't put on jewelry by chance.

The ring, the type of jewelry most appreciated by women

Rings are among the most beloved jewelry for women and each ring has its own meaning. In most cases, a ring defines marital status. Indeed, when a woman shows herself with a wedding ring, it means that she is married. It is often a gold ring. In other cases, women wear a ring simply to convey that they are part of a religious group. Certainly, in some beliefs, jewelry can make a connection with spirit guides who are in another dimension. Most modern women use rings only to beautify their hand. They choose them according to their personality and their taste. Between diamonds, gold, beads and others, tastes vary a lot.

The necklace, an essential assortment of necklines

Thenecklace is the best ally of necklines. It represents a touch of beauty that many women and young girls appreciate very much. Necklaces exist in all styles to enhance their outfit. Whether precious or fancy, necklaces are one of the fashion accessories that most women love to wear. Necklaces are among the most popular jewelry of women.

Earrings, an everyday accessory

As for earrings, they accompany women on a daily basis. Piercing is arguably the oldest known body modification to date, so even little girls wear earrings. The trend for earrings changes over time. But their design is chosen depending on the look of the day, the type of hairstyle, clothing or personal style of the woman.
How to choose your earrings?

Bracelets to brighten up the wrists

Many people consider the bracelet to be a lucky charm. Indeed, according to its history, these are the first jewels that men have adorned themselves with. Contrary to popular belief, wearing a bracelet is not always associated with aesthetic reasons. At one time, they were even used for medical purposes. Currently very trendy, these jewels allow to brighten the wrists of women when they appear with a top with short sleeves. The trend for bracelets is timeless.

Why do women love jewelry?

Jewels, fancy or precious, speak of women by showing visible signs of their belonging to an ethnic, religious, political, professional or even sexual group. They can be symbols of submission or seduction, messengers of love or objects of superstition. This is why a thousand and one reasons can lead women to love jewelry.

The jewel: a symbol of femininity

As the saying goes, the dress does not make the monk and therefore the jewel does not make the woman. Indeed, a girl remains a girl with or without this accessory. But of course jewelry is just a way to bring out the woman in all of us. However, a woman covered in jewelry is no more feminine than another, and the men who wear it are no less manly. Otherwise, not wearing it can be a way of refusing an expression of femininity considered insignificant or caricatured.e.

The jewel: personal story

Some people don't realize the value of something until after they've lost it. Certain jewelry represents a personal story for many women. It could be a baptismal medal, a gold bracelet given by the grandmother for a first communion or a ring with a pretty topaz as a gift from an exceptional person. The loss of this kind of symbolic object can be very distressing for those who are particularly fond of a piece of jewelry.
The jewel: a way to eroticize the body

Jewelry doesn't just represent identity or personality. They allow you to offer charm to your body. Indeed, an earring makes it possible to illuminate the face and a long necklace or a necklace makes it possible to enhance a neckline. Likewise, a shiny bracelet or ring provides sensual gestures. These sets are used to highlight femininity, they eroticize the body and sublimate the skin. In some customs, offering a young girl a pearl beads means that she has now entered the world of women. In general, when a woman receives a piece of jewelry, it is always her femininity that is implicitly valued.

The jewel, a spiritual anchor

Whether it embodies a symbolic or emotional value, a piece of jewelry is an existential marker of our personal history. For some, it expresses their spiritual roots and their connection to the earth. This is, for example, the case with an engagement ring or a family ring. Some fashion accessories embody the first piece of jewelry you bought with your first salary. Even though it goes out of style over time, it retains its value. It has been proven that more than half of women own an inherited or passed down piece of jewelry. Certain objects carry a message intended for us.

The jewel: a therapeutic object

According to beliefs, some jewelry has therapeutic virtues. As is the case with a ruby found in the ground whose power is to stop bleeding. Regardless of culture and time, stones have always been credited with the power to heal and protect. Some jewelry helps keep you healthy, such as the Brazilian Ribbon, the Eye of Saint Lucia, onyx stone, charms and other gris-gris. Basically, they bring good luck, soothe or restore energy with just one carnal contact. They have even become a kind of talismans and therapeutic objects that their market value no longer matters to the person.

The jewel brightens up the outfit

Here, it is not just a question of a sign of femininity or a desire to emphasize the beauty of women. Indeed, it is not enough to simply put on a piece of jewelry to achieve your goals. Wearing jewelry must follow certain rules to properly adorn it with the risk of being counterproductive. Indeed, the jewelry must, for example, harmonize with the hairstyle, makeup and body shape. A classic bracelet and a brooch do not go well with baroque makeup and hairstyle. Before choosing your jewelry, you must first consider your appearance as a whole. Some outfits, for example, require appropriate jewelry, and some items of an outfit exclude certain types of jewelry.

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