How to wear the long necklace in 2024?

Long necklaces are a must-have trend this year. Here are some tips for learning how to wear your long necklace. This is the kind of modern jewelry that you absolutely must have and wear to be at the forefront of fashion this year, it's sexy and glamorous and we love it! So if you don't yet know how to wear long necklaces or combine them with your outfit, here is a short fashion guide to learn how to choose a long necklace for a woman.

long necklace

Rock necklace by 9Avril Paris

How to wear a long necklace?

A necklace , a silhouette...The magic of long necklaces is that they suit all women and all body types. The longer a necklace is, the more it will lengthen the silhouette and refine the waist. In addition, the long necklace will highlight the chest because it will draw attention to it, especially if you wear it simple and pass through a pretty neckline. For those who don't want to highlight their neckline, then don't worry and combine your long necklace with a round neck or even a turtleneck for winter, that works too. Small breasts can play with the accumulation of several necklaces of different lengths and the illusion will be perfect.

long necklace
Long necklace by 9Avril Paris

The art of wearing necklaces

The necklace is a very trendy fashion jewel that gives elegance to all outfits. Approximately 50 cm long, it determines the look of each woman while highlighting her bust and neckline. Necklaces are generally worn around the neck in one or more rows. Some models reach up to the chest.

Because women's happiness comes first, jewelers offer a wide variety of necklaces. Depending on the materials used, you will find necklaces in gold, silver and metal. It is also not uncommon to find pearl necklaces in the form of necklaces, as well as necklaces adorned with precious stones. Designers compete in ingenuity to offer jewelry that is each as original and authentic as the next.

To choose the ideal length of a necklace, you must take your body shape into account. Long models are mainly suitable for short women, while shorter necklaces are more suitable for taller women. Same principle for the finesse of the necklaces: the thinnest ones suit women with generous shapes, and vice versa.

long necklace
Long necklace by 9Avril Paris

What to wear a necklace with?

Long necklaces have the ability to give a glamorous and sexy touch to any outfit. For a chic evening you can wear your favorite pretty little black dress with a long, very fine chain necklace which will fall below the chest, it is a formidable weapon of seduction. You can also use long necklaces with casual outfits, such as jeans and a t-shirt. In this case you can put several necklaces in original metals or with leather links ending in a pendant and you will have an ultra-fashionable glam-rock result. For summer, fantasy is essential, you can play with different materials and colors. An accumulation of moose necklaces will look great on a little summer dress or even on a simple t-shirt. Now is the time to be original, because anything goes!

How to wear a pearl necklace?

Pearls are becoming fashionable again! We are far from the stuck image that we had pearl necklaces at one time And if you are a lucky girl because your grandmother left you her pearl jewelry, then what are you waiting for to show them off? bohemian pearl necklace is fantastic, especially on a sexy evening outfit, you can wear it in a classic way or play with it by making it make multiple turns around the neck and you will have a retro touch straight out of the Roaring Twenties, a great trend this year.

Learn more about buying a necklace.

This winter, bet on the long necklace which will be perfect to highlight your outfits. This type of necklace is characterized by its length which allows us to adjust it to a longer or shorter height according to our desires. Used in the 1950s and promoted by the “Charleston” period, the long necklace, originally made of pearls, was often wound so as to make two turns around the neck.

Fans of long necklaces will be delighted this year because we find them in all styles and for all tastes. One of the big trends to remember are necklaces with original pendants and charms of all kinds hanging at the end of the chain. There are some with animals, skulls, short, the trend is to find and unearth the the most original pendants that no one wears.


Put a necklace around your neck

The necklace is the favorite piece of jewelry of the season, but you still need to know how to put it on. Around the neck, the chain necklace which is worn long on the front of the bust. It has the advantage of highlighting your bust and your neckline. It is quality, original, very feminine jewelry that can be worn with all outfits.

The advantage of the long necklace is that it suits everyone and that it exists in all materials and colors. You can also play with the gradients of material and the association of colors and meanings.

What to wear your long necklace with?

Fashionistas are crazy about it this summer. The most fashionable designer jewelry which has this magical power to highlight a silhouette in the blink of an eye. Exit the bib this summer, it's the necklace that will make its mark in dressing rooms and will be in the spotlight!

Summer is the ideal season to wear the necklace, as is spring or the beginning of autumn when you only wear a sweater and/or a jacket. It brings femininity, sensuality and highlights the glamorous side of your look by highlighting both your shapes and your clothes. You will wear it with a thin or slightly transparent sweater, a slightly loose t-shirt or even a V-neck or a tank top. It will immediately draw attention to your chest and highlight it.

the necklace can also be worn with a bare back and short or upswept hair. All you have to do is pass it behind your back and it's a guaranteed big night effect, especially with a pearl necklace and a black evening dress with a deep cut in the back. The must for sexy!

In winter, a necklace is worn as an ultra-hyped accessory over a tight turtleneck sweater. There's nothing better to draw the eye to your bust, especially when you have shapes to highlight. Generally speaking, the necklace makes you appear slimmer, taller and will always refine a silhouette. It is the favorite accessory of curvy women, to highlight their shapes and allow them to lose 2 or 3 kilos just thanks to this artifice.

Why choose a necklace?

If the long necklace has so many fans, it is because it adapts to all shapes and lends itself to all occasions. So, no matter your silhouette or your morphology, this type of jewelry will highlight you. Some women go so far as to say that the necklace lengthens the silhouette and refines the waist. Timeless, it suits all women, whatever their age and style.

Easy to wear, the necklace even becomes a must in a jewelry box. However, certain rules must be respected. For example, if you want to lengthen your silhouette and create an optical illusion, choose long necklaces. On the other hand, a taller woman can wear a wrapped necklace or layer jewelry on her chest.

If you like originality then you can go even further in the combinations, like adding a pearl necklace to a rock'n roll outfit. The pearls will be highlighted placed on a slightly loose t-shirt, a leather jacket and ripped jeans. With pearls anything goes, classy or fashion style, in all cases they will transform your outfit.

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