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Do earrings make you more attractive?

Do earrings make you more attractive or prettier? Do earrings make you look older? You can find the answer here.

Earrings have long been used to adorn women and men, but as with anything, it can end up being a misstep.

Here we will explore what about earrings makes them more attractive.


Bowie earrings by 9Avril

Do earrings make you prettier?

Earrings are generally used to enhance a person's appearance. There are a few tips for wearing them well, which we'll cover later, but wearing earrings that suit your face shape tends to determine the effect they will have on you.

Every face shape has earrings that suit it best, and when you discover what looks best on you, wearing earrings becomes a breeze.

You basically want to draw attention to the traits you like.

The type of earrings you wear also helps make you look better and feel better.

Some make you seem more feminine, others are neutral, so pretty wouldn't quite be the word you're looking for to describe yourself.

Therefore, if that's the word you're looking for, you may need to choose more delicate or cuter pieces.

Even so, you need to buy earrings that look good because those that don't look good will make you look less attractive.


9Avril earrings

Do earrings make you look older?

Earrings generally don't make a person look older. However, some types of earrings instantly age you, and it's best not to wear them.

Thick, heavy earrings tend to make a person appear older than they are. Perhaps it's because, culturally, we attribute large earrings to people of an older age.

We grew up watching TV shows that show Grandma wearing big, intricate stud earrings.

Another reason to stay away from heavy earrings is that they make your earlobe droop.

As we age, the collagen and elasticity that keeps skin firm is depleted, leading to sagging, and earlobes are not immune.

If you want to save your ears, then you should wear heavy earrings sparingly. If your neck is not a feature you like, you should also avoid large earrings, as they draw attention away from the face and towards the neck.

Why is it necessary for girls to wear earrings?

The prevailing idea is that to appear feminine, women must wear earrings. This tends to be the norm since many women actually wear earrings.

There are more important things a girl or woman can focus on, not just wearing earrings to look pretty. Despite everything, there are those who, given the condition of their skin, cannot have piercings or wear earrings.

That said, earrings are generally associated with femininity, and wearing them is a way to highlight that. If this is what you are looking for and you can, then wearing earrings becomes necessary.

Some women even admitted that they couldn't leave the house without wearing earrings because it hurts their self-confidence. In their minds, they feel pain, and that's the last thing they want.

There are other ancient benefits of wearing earrings. In ancient China, ear piercing was an acupuncture practice used to treat various illnesses.

They used it not only to make a person more attractive, but also to treat diseases related to their sexual organs.

The same was adopted in Western medicine, where a woman with menstruation problems would have her left ear pierced.

From this point of view, we can consider ear piercing and wearing earrings to be beneficial to a person's overall health.

Do earrings make men more attractive?

Women don't like the same things. So the question of whether men look more attractive with earrings is not so simple to answer.

First, let's talk about women who think men shouldn't wear earrings in the first place.

For them, they wouldn't find men more attractive with earrings.

On the contrary, they would find them less desirable and might even decide not to talk to them if they had the choice.

However, some women find men more attractive when they wear earrings. And this, for various reasons.

First of all, earrings enhance the overall appearance of a person, whether it is a man or a woman. Therefore, having this gem would work in their favor.

The other reason some people think men look better with earrings is because it appeals to their feminine energy.

It's a good thing for a man to show that he can be sensitive, and thus understand any woman better.

Tips for Wearing Earrings That Make You More Attractive

When wearing earrings, you need to consider your face shape. You may find these earrings adorable, but they might end up distorting your face. Let's take a quick look at what works best.

Oval: People with this shape fare better than others because they can wear almost any earrings available. You need to play with the shapes, as they draw attention to the cheekbones.

Round: With this shape, it is best to wear earrings that will elongate your face. Drop earrings are the best because they also make you look slimmer. You should also avoid round earrings, whether large or small, as they will make your face appear rounder.

Inverted Triangle: People with this shape tend to have a broader forehead that tapers toward the chin, which tends to be pointy. Those with this face shape tend to flare out with teardrop or chandelier earrings.

Square: With this shape, it is suggested to wear round earrings. You want to stay away from square shaped earrings as they will only accentuate the shape of your face.

Long and thin: If your face is thin and long, then the preferred earrings for you are the circular earrings. Earrings such as hoops would make your face appear wider than it is.

Heart Shaped: Classic earrings are fantastic for people with this face shape. This is because they create balance, compensating for thinner cheekbones and chin.

Another thing to keep in mind is the hairstyle. Those with short hair have more freedom in what they can wear.

If you have long hair, you will have to forego small hoop earrings and cap earrings.


Earrings are fantastic accessories that add glamor to a look in an instant. With these tips, if you had a problem, you will finally be able to get earrings that best complement your face.

When you look good, you definitely feel good. You may need to look through your earring collection to see what may be left, and perhaps go shopping for some new earrings.

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