What to wear a little black dress with?

Every woman knows that a little black dress is a perfect outfit for any occasion, it is just as appropriate for a night out on the town as it is for a chic cocktail party. And a classic little black dress looks great on everyone, regardless of your body shape or size.

The only problem with the little black dress is that it can be a bit boring. So how to accessorize your perfect little black dress?

With somejewelry amazing, of course.

Wondering how to accessorize a black dress here are some tips for creating a look that will turn heads..


When you accessorize a dress, but especially a little black dress, the most important thing to consider is the neckline.

Different necklines lend themselves to different types ofjewelry. Thus, the neckline of your little black dress will help you determine which accessories to choose.

For strapless dresses and dresses with a round neckline, you'll want to stick with anecklace short and round.

A simple pearl necklace is always dazzling. If you are looking for something more modern than classic, a choker will be perfect.

You can also do without a necklace and opt forearrings original. Remember, original earrings work best when your hair is up rather than down.

V-neck dresses are the perfect opportunity to wear an original necklace.

A long pendant necklace goes perfectly with a V-neckline. Layered chains of different materials also work well. The right bib necklace can be a stunning idea with a v-neckline, but be sure to choose one that falls into the neckline rather than over it.

For heart-shaped and backless dresses, it is better not to wearnecklace and focus onearrings.

As these necklines have straps where a necklace would fall, it takes the attention away from any necklace you may have chosen. So take a pair of dangling earrings instead.


Bracelets can go with almost any little black dress.

The key is to make sure the bracelets go with the other jewelry you are wearing and the event you are attending.

If you're going to a fancy cocktail party or black-tie event, it's important to keep the bracelets simple and stylish. Opt for a thin bracelet with a few sparkling gems, or a simple necklace of small pearls. A braided or patterned chain also works well.

The ambience you are looking for is simple elegance.

A night out on the town or a dinner party is the best time to show off your bracelets.

Layer the bracelets or go for a chunky bracelet with fun stones. These occasions are also the time to show off some great headlines.

When choosing a bracelet, make sure it matches the rest of your jewelry. If you wear a bib necklace or quirky earrings, avoid the thick bracelet and go for something simpler, or avoid the bracelet altogether. If your earrings and necklace are simple, then you can take out the elaborate bracelet.

Which earrings will shine with your little black dress?

It all depends on the rest of your look. When you accessorize, the earrings should be the focal point of the look or the icing on the cake.

If you have a gorgeous pair of elaborate earrings that you want to show off, build the rest of your look around the earrings.

Wear your hair up so the earrings are visible. Skip the necklace so that it doesn't distract from the earrings. If you go for a bracelet, keep it thin and simple.

If you have chosen an amazing necklace or a thick bracelet, the earring should be discreet. Go for a pair of diamond or pearl nails, or even simple silver or gold nails. The emphasis is on the flagship piece, but that doesn't mean earrings should be ignored.



When choosing accessories to pair with your little black dress, it's important to focus on creating balance in your look.

What does it mean That one of your accessories should be the focal point of the look and the other accessories should complement it..

If you pair dangling earrings with a bib necklace and chunky bangle, you'll look overdone and tacky. Choose one of these accessories as a focal point, then choose simple accessories for the rest of your look.

If you choose the earrings as the focal point, skip the necklace or wear a simple chain and choose a simple, thin bracelet. Small ear studs are perfect for a showy necklace. With a thick bracelet, choose stud earrings or simple earrings depending on your choice of necklace - earrings without a necklace, stud earrings with a simple necklace.

Remember that less is more. If you choose an elaborate prop, it's okay to skip over others instead of looking for the right prop to match.

If you follow these tips on how to accessorize a black dress, you are sure to create the perfect look for any occasion.

Remember that the type of event matters just as much as the dress when choosing your accessories. The more chic the event, the more simple and classic the accessories should be. Save your key pieces for an evening with friends or a casual dinner.

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